myAccount Cloud accounting benefits

Anywhere Anytime

Working anytime, anywhere. Jobs on your Desktop Mobile or Tablet

Easy To Use

No accounting knowledge, can be easily used.

Powerful Features

Cover all functions to work. All links work and save time to work.

Mobile Application

Support mobile working. Change to make business easier, Work anywhere, anytime.

Up-to-date software

We develop software on Cloud allows customers to use the update software all times.

Real-time working

Employee can work in the same real-time database

How is myAccount Cloud better than Windows accounting software?

myAccount Cloud

  • Working anytime, anywhere. Jobs on your Desktop, Mobile or Tablet
  • working by PC, Notebook, Tablet and Smartphone
  • Work Anywhere Anytime through the internet access
  • Install and run through the browser easier to manage.
  • Modern
  • Online accounting software is more efficient than programs on Windows
  • Employee can work in the same real-time database
  • Continuous development
  • Send Emails, forms or reports that are easily received from the system.
  • Automatic sales system (Sales Force Automation) connected to the accounting system
  • Update information over the Internet
  • Works even when Internet access is unstable

Accounting software on Windows

  • Can not work on a mobile device.
  • Cannot work on Tablet and Smartphone
  • Office work via lan only.
  • Installation of the program is complicated.
  • Outdated.
  • Performance is lower than cloud programs
  • Hard, but can do
  • Stop developing
  • Can not send email from the system. If it can, it will be complicated.
  • No sales force automation system, There is only the quote screen.
  • The work The work requires Lan, Do not Update the data if no Lan
  • Hire a Lease Line internet signal (high cost)

Sale Order

Can make a Quotation, Sale Order, Invoice/ Tax Invoice, Credit Note Convenient. Fast and easy The relevant information will be automatically linked. Makes the complexity of work less

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Purchase Order

Good Purchasing Response. Control the procurement process and improve the procurement efficiency. Reduce duplicate data recording process. There is also an approval process for order documents. Help to accurately and accurately order.

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General Ledger

Record daily account information, financial statements, financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statements. To be more effective in managing the business

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Mobile Apps

Can work anytime, anywhere, By myAccount Mobile Apps. make it easy, Convenient, quick, get to decide at a glance. Work as it was meant to be.

Mobile quotation
Quick and easy. Documents sent to the customer on time. Don't miss out on the opportunity

online review and approval
Able to approve documents at any time that customers and sellers need.

Mobile reporting immediately
Important data gathering, immediately track for making a decision

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