Record participation in activities with customers to Strengthen Your Customer Relationship


Additional features

  • Select customers, vendors and employees to create activities for phone, email, notes the daily work of employees.
  • กSpecify the start date and time of the activity until the end of the activity.
  • Able to determine who is responsible for the activity.
  • Identify priority activities so that the order should be made an essential first.
  • Determine the number of documents in multiple formats, according to the setup of the system documentation.
  • Working activities is able to specify map followers, and required equipment used in the activity.
  • E-mail activities is able to identify the type of recipient (To), (CC), (BCC) with the date and time in advance for automatic email
  • Phone type Activity is able to determine the type of incoming/dial calls and identifies the telephone number.
  • Set the date and time to be notified in advance. When you want to let yourself or others know the activities by system and e-mail notification.
  • An activity status changed for updates on the progress that is being processed or finished


  • Daily activity reports.
  • Overdue Activity reports .

Feature Highlights

features to help your using, make better

Save documents online

Search the database in various conditions: Able to search for documents list for many conditions such as document number, customers, vendors responsible for helping find needed documents more easily.

Restore an Auto-Saved Document

Select document-related information with the document previously saved (such as customer information, supplier information, product information, etc.) You don't have to waste time filling out redundant information.

Type documents and send email immediately

When saving documents, you can type documents and send emailto those involved in the system immediately.

Copy an Original Document

Can be copied from the original document to create a new document, reduce working time.

Relevant documents

Can refer to the related documentation, such as reference information a quote to open sales order documents, helping to save documents quickly without filling a repeat document.

Attach files and save more details

You can store data files and fill in more details on the document page. By setting the details of the document to be displayed in the form of the document.

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