Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities

Possibility of recording sales progress and tracking analysis, closing sales opportunities Success or failure

Sales Opportunities

Additional features

  • Show a list of sales opportunities (Permission)
  • Select the customer information to create a sales opportunity.
  • Specifies the level of customer interest To plan your contacts and sales.
  • Specifies the source for determining marketing plan in the future.
  • Update status to the opportunity (Opportunity Stage) and percentage.
  • In order to know how many successful sales opportunities are possible.
  • Keep a history about changes in status selling to track and predict the possibility whether the percentage are going to increase or decrease.
  • Select the producets which are interested by customers In order to prepare for the opening quotation, using the data from customer information, product and automatic contact information.
  • Evaluate and successfully strike out the opportunities in selling. And reduce the failure when customers refuse to purchase in order to take those data for analyzing the reasons that leads to failure
  • Able to open more opportunities (Reopen) when customers are turn back to interested in the product again so that it can continue to update information from the old data
  • In case of the data is similar, you can coppy a chance of selling to reduce information redundancy


  • Progress report on sales opportunities.
  • Reporting closing sales opportunities
  • Reporting sales exceeded opportunity

Feature Highlights

features to help your using, make better

Save documents online

Search the database in various conditions: Able to search for documents list for many conditions such as document number, customers, vendors responsible for helping find needed documents more easily.

Restore an Auto-Saved Document

Select document-related information with the document previously saved (such as customer information, supplier information, product information, etc.) You don't have to waste time filling out redundant information.

Type documents and send email immediately

When saving documents, you can type documents and send emailto those involved in the system immediately.

Copy an Original Document

Can be copied from the original document to create a new document, reduce working time.

Relevant documents

Can refer to the related documentation, such as reference information a quote to open sales order documents, helping to save documents quickly without filling a repeat document.

Attach files and save more details

You can store data files and fill in more details on the document page. By setting the details of the document to be displayed in the form of the document.

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