The order confirmation by the seller quotes,
quote with approval to decide before doing the actual purchasing.



Respond to accounting needs with the features of the program that make your works become more efficient.

Record orders for shipment to the seller

Record orders for spare parts, raw materials used in the business. Save on your purchases can be completed. Print or submit a purchase order to a vendor by e-mail immediately online.

Purchase order approval before doing the actual purchasing

the system can assign the purchase order approvals to allow executives to verify the validity of the purchase order. Before delivery to the seller by Schedule 3 is approved according to the limit to buy a hierarchical and,according to executives, including the bosses can approve the document on a mobile device.

Cost control by work units or projects

Can specify whether each item is at the expense of the agency or the project? Make the expense can be administered more efficiently.

Additional Features

  • Reference list from the creditor's quote to order.
  • The date can be set to use the product in the purchase order document.

Feature Highlights

features to help your using, make better

Save documents online

Whether you are you can open documents, sales, purchasing and accounts quickly. By conecting internet, Your work will be much easier.

Restore an Auto-Saved Document

Select document-related information with the document previously saved (such as customer information, supplier information, product information, etc.) You don't have to waste time filling out redundant information.

Select the desired item

Select the item settings by searching the product code, name, unit price, and can edit the item name, price, product description that is displayed in the document.

Fill in the number and percentage discounts

Discounts and rebates can fill the bill has two forms, a reduced amount or a reduced percentage.

Relevant documents

Can refer to the related documentation, such as reference information a quote to open sales order documents, helping to save documents quickly without filling a repeat document.

Attach files and save more details

You can store data files and fill in more details on the document page. By setting the details of the document to be displayed in the form of the document.

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