Reducing the debt to the creditor

Reducing the debt to the creditor

Debt reduction and return from purchasing goods or services.

Reducing the debt to the creditor

Additional Features

  • The purchase credit purchase document can reference a document or a set of fresh, creditors, other Payables credit memo recording.
  • Document reference case, the purchase credit purchase in cash or set other creditor can adjust information.
  • System will alert. When a credit memo document's original invoice amount is exceeded.
  • Can specify the number or invoice number, invoice repeated. If the conditions in the system settings
  • Reduce debt recording. Creditors can bind to the seller to reduce the payment of creditors
  • Can preview the document before you save, print and send the document by e-mail.
  • Copy documents and then save them as new documents.
  • Can be referenced in the document receipt of invoice. Prepare to pay or repay debt. You can look at history for reference.
  • Can cancel a document stating the reason
  • Can filter documents by status, leading to reduce the amount of the payment.


  • The returned report - Reducing Debt
  • Purchase analysis report, net
  • The daily item purchase statement report – monthly
  • The report compares monthly purchase amount – 12 months

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