Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Working Anywhere Anytime

Mobile Apps

Mobile quotation
Quick and easy. Documents sent to the customer on time. Don't miss out on the opportunity

online review and approval
Able to approve documents at any time that customers and sellers need.

Mobile reporting immediately
Important data gathering, immediately track for making a decision


responding to accounting needs with the features of the program that will make your work more efficient.

Open the quote on mobile

Mobile Quotes allows you to create quotations anywhere at any time. Download quotes and send email to customers on time , Don't miss an opportunity.

Track events

Event Logging employee on the phone, and can also track the status. Activities to do each day through the events calendar on the mobile phone.

Review and approve documents online

no matter where you are, manager can approve the quotes and purchase orders. On mobile phones.

Quickly for stock counting

don't waste time counting the number of items wrote in the paper and key the data into the computer again, just with Mobile Apps, it can complete the myAccount item count by the phone. Help you do even more quickly and conveniently.

Can see the report on mobile

include a lot of useful reports on mobile, such as reports, quotes, reports, payment reports, Bill, etc.
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