Credit Sales

Credit Sales

The customer hasn't paid yet, receive payments from the debtor later.

Credit Sales


Respond to accounting needs with the features of the program that make your works become more efficient.

Calculate your payment of days credited automatically

The system will calculate the number of days for payment from the debtor's credit, each list has been defined, which makes it possible to manage the day to credit for each different customers easier.

Create a document in order to quickly receive payments

Able to create bill payment receipt (before payment) cash receipts from sales of accounts receivable credit memo document. Allows you to work more.

The customer's credit limit check

Define alerts or do not allow the recording of the sale of goods on the customer's credit limit has been exceeded and the report can be found to verify the age of the Receivables Analysis report, or credit limit.

Additional Features

  • Can record product sales in both the regular product and consignment
  • Deposit system information can be extracted to cut-off sales customer sales payments.
  • Can be record sales accounting ledger To the ledger immediately.
  • Choose products that are sold out, It affects the stock or not.

Feature Highlights

features to help your using, make better

Save documents online

Whether you are you can open documents, sales, purchasing and accounts quickly. By conecting internet, Your work will be much easier.

Restore an Auto-Saved Document

Select document-related information with the document previously saved (such as customer information, supplier information, product information, etc.) You don't have to waste time filling out redundant information.

Select the desired item

Select the item settings by searching the product code, name, unit price, and can edit the item name, price, product description that is displayed in the document.

Fill in the number and percentage discounts

Discounts and rebates can fill the bill has two forms, a reduced amount or a reduced percentage.

Relevant documents

Can refer to the related documentation, such as reference information a quote to open sales order documents, helping to save documents quickly without filling a repeat document.

Attach files and save more details

You can store data files and fill in more details on the document page. By setting the details of the document to be displayed in the form of the document.

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